Some of you might remember that I had started this blog with the name “Six Sigma”. And it was only a few months later that I actually changed the name to what it is today. If you had asked me then, why six sigma? I wouldn’t have known. It was a management concept I had studied in my Principles of management class and I really liked it. It is a Total Quality Management philosphy which is being applied in many spheres of life. But that was about it and without any mission or vision, I created the blog with this name.

Once I started writing, I realized that my ideas always took a particular direction and I loved thinking, talking and discussing about Islam. It was then my inner self told me that I should re-name my blog.

And with a bolt of little electricity in my head that the bulb inside my head switched on. I asked myself, “What else could be better than naming the blog after the meaning of my own name? After all, that is also the true purpose of my life and that is what I want to do the rest of my life inshaAllah. My name, “Nida” is taken from an Urdu word that means “A call”. And just like the word “adhaan” means “A call” but the Call is towards Salaah!, I thought my blog will be a Call towards the Light of Allah SWT . Because I will be sharing whatever knowledge I can with my readers, and knowledge is like a light that removes darkness from its surroundings and that is what I want to do in life!

Incidentally, my favourite poet is Muhammad Iqbal or popularly known as Allamma Iqbal and I have always loved these two lines from his poetry:

Lab pey atee hai dua ban key tamanna meree [My lips pray the desire of my heart]
zindagee shamma kee soorat ho khodaya meree [that O God, my life is similar to a candle]

So now I would beg to differ from dear Mr. Shakespeare who says

What’s in a name that which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet!

A rose may still be a rose but by having a philosophy to its name, you only make it more beautiful!