Knock Knock…. 

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Open the doors of wisdom and meet me.
You know who I am?
Can you guess?
Maybe you already know me.
Or Maybe you have always been trying to find me.
Or Maybe not.
But I know you very well.

And I have always been there with you even when you don’t admit.
You don’t believe me?
You seriously don’t? well…
Didn’t you say “thank you” to that person when he/she gave you that pen? And didn’t you say “sorry” when you stepped on someone’s foot? And Didn’t you feel sad when you saw the innocent poor girl on the road begging for money so that she could eat? And when you saw that thorn on your way, didn’t you warn your friends about it so that they wouldn’t hurt themselves? And Didn’t you feel sorry after scolding your sibling even when it was his/her fault? And there are so many other things I know about you.
Are you getting idea who I am?
You are close.
 I am your soul. I am your conscience. I am your morality.
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When you find yourself lost and you ask yourself what is right, I whisper in your ears and tell you what is right. Sometimes you choose to listen to me. And sometimes you don’t.

When you listen to me, you feel you have done something right. And when you don’t, that’s because you choose to listen to someone else who is also whispering in your ears. And even though I try hard, that someone else ends up winning sometimes. But I will never give up, for, as long as you are alive.
And even though sometimes you choose to listen to someone else, there comes a time when you start feeling guilty of your choice and wish you would have listened to me.
Do you know who that someone else I am talking about is?

Yes. It is Satan.

I was created millions of years ago, before you were even brought to earth. Allah, who has 99 beautiful names like Most Merciful, Forgiving, Just etc. When He blew soul  into your body, He in effect gave all these qualities to you. Like a necklace of beautiful pearls your body wears.
That’s why, you have all these qualities.
 That why, for example, when you see something unjust, you know it is wrong.  And even though you have never seen the perfect justice, you still know what justice is like.
That’s why, when your body die, I will transcend to other world. For Allah is ever lasting. And the souls He created will last till eternity too. Be prepared for that second part of your journey. It can begin anytime.
Did you ever imagine how would your life be if you were sent on earth without me? You would be like an animal. You could do nothing except to follow your natural instincts.  You would have no free will.  You should thank God for giving you such a beautiful gift.  No other substance on earth have been given this free will, this element of choice.
 Do you know what choice I am talking about?
The choice of listening to me and in effect obeying Allah or the choice to listen to Satan and follow his master plan.
You know what his master plan is, right?
Then what are you waiting for in making the right choices?
Don’t live a plugged life.
Wake up.
Discover me.
Discover Allah.
Zauja Muhammad AliJust like thatThoughtsAllah,conscience,names of Allah,The soulKnock Knock….  Photo CreditOpen the doors of wisdom and meet me.You know who I am?Can you guess?Maybe you already know me. Or Maybe you have always been trying to find me.Or Maybe not.But I know you very well. And I have always been there with you even when...The Diary of a Muslimah